This is the Official Liverpool Off-licence, obviously in no way connected to the Official LFC Off-licence.

This Official Liverpool Football City Online Off-licence is in no way connected to the Official Liverpool Football Club one. To some, their latest idea might seem be just another desperate attempt by the Club (and their American owners) to squeeze every last penny out of their fans (who probably don't have that much money to start with!) Believe it or not, LFC are not specialists at selling beer, wine, champagne, or, well anything. They are also no longer specialists in playing entertaining and exciting football, winning 3 points, or polishing trophies!. It seems LFC think that their fans do not require them to specialise in this area: they presume they can simply whack their badge on and hike the price up. They’re gambling that some of their fans are so stupid that they’ll think it's a great idea - what better way to toast the team's season than with a bottle of the club's own lovingly selected champagne?! The only problem is the team don't a realistic chance of actually winning anything to raise a toast to!

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